Deep Fear Transformations

Deep Fear Transformations are powerful liberators. Powerful fears, traumas and guilts are generally automatically buried deep within the Heart by the subconscious, so as humans, we can get on with our lives without undue stress and turmoil. Over time these build up and as fate would have it, they stack up and cover your divine spark within and the more fears that are buried, the harder it is to get in contact with your true self. The Deep Fears are located in the core of the Heart.

This is further complicated if we presume that we are infinite beings and have lived many lifetimes. Unresolved trauma and fear will accumulate there, staying buried over lifetimes.

So we end up carrying a lot of hidden baggage that we have no idea about. These layers cause problems in our lives and dealing with them is very important to be able to get back in the Divine flow and discover who we really are.

The Layers that we deal with in this transformation are carried by most of Humanity. Some very common examples of the fears that are layered in the Heart Core are:

  • Fear of Being Me
  • Fear of Love
  • Fear of Making a Mistake
  • Fear of Moving Forward
  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of My Own Power
  • Fear of Being Different

Of course there are many more fears and guilts, too many to be listed here and each individual will have specific unresolved issues that will be troubling them somehow, holding them back.

A Deep Fear Transformation begins with a consultation over Skype or Zoom, where the principal issue / layer is identified. Despite us having many stacked layers, there is only one key layer that is holding the client back in their life at any one time.

After the session a program is channelled that consists of backstory, the Principal issue, period of connection to the Light and relevant Essence if required.

To dissolve the principal layer, we target it with Spiritual Light for a period of time. For ease of use and with respect to the unfolding period, this transformation takes 4 months. A high vibrational Essence is often used in combination with the Light to effect greater change.

This is an ongoing process. When a layer is dealt with, there is a period of being in the flow experience by the client with the Light still working in their system and once this new vibrational viewpoint has been reached, there may be a period of ease for a while. As things move on, the Clients Higher self may wish more issues to get resolved and could possibly push the next one up into waking consciousness, knowing that it can also be transformed.

As said before this is an ongoing process, but as each layer gets transformed, the client vibrates at a higher frequency. After each step, new thoughts, feelings and ideas may reveal themselves as the Client becomes more in tune with their true selves and their mission for this life.

Transformation period around 4 months  

Deep Fear Transformation