Light Transmissions

Life is busy .. so we have provided three easy ways to access the Light. Each Transmission will last 24 hours and provide you with opportunities for multiple sessions. Although one or two sessions in the 24 hr period is generally the norm to allow the Light to work deeper with you, the Light will be with you for the full 24 hour period. Your Higher Self always oversees the process, using the Light for your highest good.

Three very different offerings are available for different purposes.

Solstice and Equinox Light Transmissions are fixed to the Solstice and Equinox and are available only over these periods. Times and dates will be notified from Purchase your Transmission from the store and the Light will flow over the designated 24 hour period.

On-demand Light Transmssions allows you to have the sacred experience and expansion on your own terms, where and when it suits you, but always in accordance with your Higher self. Purchase from the store and ask your Higher self to begin the 24 hour period when you are ready. The Light will flow continuously for the 24 hour period with your High Self overseeing the process.

Instant Healing Support Transmissions can be requested anytime. The purpose of which is to offer support for those who find themselves in a position of dis-ease or imbalance. The Divine wisdom within the Light will strive to offer support while you pass through your process. Light will flow immediately when you book this transmission through the shop.