Space Clearing

The term Space Clearing refers to the optimising of the energetic environment that you frequent. ie your house, apartment, office, even your vehicles.

Humans by nature are greatly effected by their immediate environment. You must know the feeling coming home from work after spending a day with people who don’t really want to be there, working under fluorescent or LED lighting and feeling drained of energy.

Your home is the place where you generally spend the most time and it is vitally important the energy of that space is supporting you and not hindering your journey through life.

When you move into a new home its wise to be aware that the space has its own hidden energetic signature that may not always be supportive to you. For example if someone living there before has had health or mental problems, the thought patterns that have been effecting them, can very well impregnate the energetic fabric of the space and effect the new occupants. Likewise if any dark rituals have been performed there, they would need to be transformed. This actually occurs more often than we think.

So how do we know the energetic state of your living space and what can assist us to clear any unwanted frequencies and maintain a healthy energetic environment?

With a Wunjo Light Space Clearing package, the Light flows for up to 12 hours. This comprehensive package provides the following clearings and protections.

Transforms all negative thoughts, emotions and events that are imprinted in rooms, objects from your past incl. from previous owners, tenants and visitors.

Clears other dense and outdated energy signatures from property and land

Releases any entities, earthbound spirits and any other aspects to their rightful place

Resets the energetic footprint of all rooms in the property

Creates a multi-level protection for yourself and family members living in the property

Closes dark negative portals if present

Repairs the Aura of the property if required

Transforms any karmic soul contracts to neighbours and the area

Raises the vibration of the property

Creates a sacred space in your home

Creates a protection against electro magnetic frequencies (EMF)

Exchange for Wunjo Space Clearing Package:

£90 / SEK1050