Ian had the pleasure of joining Host and Interdimensional Seer, Jessica Arael Marrocco on the long running series ‘The Andronicus Transmissions’. When Wolf Spirit Radio owner JayPee stepped away to focus on other projects, Ian leapt at the opportunity to contribute to this fascinating series.

The series revolves around a being named Andronicus, from the Andromeda sector, who reached out across time and space to connect with Jessica. He shares what had happened to his society in Andromeda and how it parallels with what may happen on Earth. The Andronicus Transmissions contain much relevant information pertaining to our present experience and brings warnings, advice and support from afar.

As the show developed, more characters came in, including Rhodan, Meetis, Borkum and many more.

Tune in, open your mind and hold tight for the reality shift rollercoaster!

For the entire 176 episode playlist go HERE

Jessica has just published an important book based on the Transmissions Series which is available HERE