Light Transmissions

Light Transmissions form the delivery system for the transformative Wunjo Light.

To package Wunjo Light into specific transformations, Light Transmissions are used. A Light Transmission enables the Divine wisdom within the Light to interact with the client in a consensual manner. When the exchange is made, intent is seen within the client and the Light will begin to work from the arranged time, enabling and activating change within the client to fulfil the purpose of their Higher Self for that Transmission period.

Light Transmissions are powerful processes that have their own innate intelligence.

The Divine source of Wunjo Light can see the work needed to be done within the Client from an extremely high perspective. Ian is just the intermediary and messenger, the Divine Intelligence in the Light interacts with the Client.

Light Transmissions are offered on the quarter days every year. ie Solstices and Equinox’s.

The Solstices are the time there is the most and the least light during the year. These periods are regulated by Planetary cycles and vary slightly on date each year. The Equinox represents a half way point between the Solstices and have their own unique quality making them also a powerful time for reverence and ceremony. During each Solstice and Equinox the barrier between the dimensions are at their thinest, making Light Transmissions over these sacred periods most beneficial for advancement on the Spiritual path and keying into the Divine. Look out for information on this site for up and coming events.

Light Transmissions can be requested at any time for numerous reasons.

Light Transmissions can be requested by the client for specific purposes in line with their highest good. Being in the Light for a period of time is very uplifting and enhances feelings of support, connectivity and joy. The client may wish to steer the Light to assist healing in areas of their choice, or if uncertain, request a ‘Highest good’ connection, which allows Divine Intelligence to work out what is optimal to be worked on during the Transmission.

Light Transmissions for Instant Healing Support

Light Transmissions can also be requested for healing support. This transmission is extremely useful if a situation manifests that is very uncomfortable. The Light can be activated and will look to support you in the highest possible way. A few of the many reasons you may need the Light for ‘Instant Healing support’ could be lack of Grounding, vulnerability, a need for courage, psychic defence, energetic blockages, no energy and so on.

Light Transmissions: How to receive

All is required of the client is to set aside time during the Transmission period for a number of Light receiving sessions. Choose a time when you will be undisturbed, lay comfortably and allow a period of up to an hour to just be in the Light. Before receiving, consciously say to yourself that you allow this time for the Light to work with you. During the Light Transmission, the client can have as many sessions as they feel is required, but generally over a 24hour period, 2 sessions are fine, time permitting of course. We all have busy lives.

Exchange for Light Transmission