Wunjo Light Essences

Vibrational Essences are powerful agents of change when used as a support in times of stress, trauma or challenge, or used daily as a vehicle for personal spiritual evolution. When used in conjunction with a Light transmission, they offer a far more penetrating, result driven experience.

I have used a number of different Essence sets in my time as a Practitioner with great results. There are different types of Essences that work on different levels.

Auric Essences

The first group are Flower Essences such as Bach Essences. Its great to have a set and regularly dowse an essence for yourself and family when emotional releases are present. These Essences works at an auric level and defuse energy released into the aura, such as shock, trauma, sadness etc. Its a very useful toolkit for life’s emotional knocks.

High Vibrational Essences

The second group are High vibrational Essences. These are very powerful tools of change and work at a deep consciousness level. When combined with a Light Transmission or a Deep Fear Transformation, they will really dig in deep to help to transform the most stubborn issues. These essences are often referred to as Liquid Light, Keys of Transformation or Evolutionary Essences because they work at a very deep level to transform the ancient darkness we all carry.

Hybrid Essences

For the purposes of enhancing the Wunjo Light experience, Guidance nudged me to create four hybrid Essences that can be used in conjunction with Light Transmissions and Transformations.

Hybrid Essences have a dual aspect. As High Vibrational Essences they work deep within the Heart at an Evolutionary level. They also have the ability to work within the aura, as in Auric Essences, similar to the Bach Flower Essences. This dual role allows them to become potent tools for transformation, as the consciousness in the Essence can adapt to the individual clients needs in a far more flexible way.

More Essences will come in the future, but this core selection has been created to uplift and support the Wunjo journey.

Essences On Demand by Spiritual Transmission

Previously Essences would be shipped to the client in 10ml bottles , but this had a unique set of problems, including delivery time issues, non delivery and even self sabotage in some cases. We have now developed a system, based on the highest Spiritual principals and working with the clients Higher self. When the Essence is purchased from the store, the vibration is spiritually transferred to the client and administered at the correct level over the cycle of 28 days, in accordance with the clients Higher self.

This new system is included for all Essences sales. The time effective period of an Essence vibration purchase is around 4 weeks.

The Wunjo Light Essence Range

Clear Field

Keynotes: Auric cleanser, improves connection with Higher Self. Reduces psychic clutter.

New Ground

Keynotes: Support for more Light to be brought in. Improves balance. Helps increase Spiritual capacity. Grounding.

The Optimist

Keynotes: Access to positive emotions. New Possibilities. More Joy.

Let Go

Keynotes: Release the past. Moving forward. New Horizons. In the Flow.

Exchange for Essences