Intuitive Dowsing

Early influences

I was first captivated by dowsing after reading the Tintin cartoon adventure books many years ago. Professor Calculus was a hero of mine. An eccentric academic, who was never separated from his pendulum, using it every minute of waking consciousness, asking questions. This over reliance on dowsing cannot necessarily be recommended, but it got me hooked. Later, as I grew up, I became interested in alternative health and a number of leading Practitioners I visited had one thing in common: They used pendulums.

A dowser healer named Jack Temple was a leader in this field. I visited Jack twice as a client. His work was amazing and inspirational. He wrote two great books if you can still find them. ‘The Healer’ and ‘The Medicine Man’.

Hamish Miller was another great inspiration for me, also sadly passed now. Hamish was a Cornish dowser, blacksmith and author of a number of amazing books on the subject. ‘The Sun and the Serpent’ was a mind-blower for me.

These early influences led me into a love of dowsing, specifically pendulum dowsing and have taken that interest to Master Dowser level. It has become a valuable tool for me in life and I regularly experiment with different techniques. Of course pendulums can never replace the accuracy of feeling at a heart level, but it can give quick responses to questions thus speed up any process one may be working on.

What is dowsing?

Very simply dowsing is an ability to bypass the intellectual process and key directly into one’s Higher Self to receive yes or no responses to questions asked, by way of minute muscle movements that can swing your device in a previously established yes or no response. My personal preference is pendulum dowsing, but I also use rods when I’m out visiting sacred sites.

What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is generally a symmetric object, often a crystal but could also be a key or anything of weight, suspended by chain or chord that can swing freely. The length of the chain or chord is really the choice of the user.

What can dowsing be used for?

It can be used for many things, but predominantly I dowse for spiritual and health related issues. When not used in client work, I use a pendulum for identifying what daily essences are required for my own needs, or to discern the healthiest food in a supermarket, good and bad energy spots in the home etc.

Dowsing sessions

In a dowsing session, I will tune in to you and you can ask questions. It may be on any topic, not necessarily health related. Ethics play a big part in dowsing as the Higher Self is engaged. One of the first questions to ask when dowsing a specific question is ‘Am I allowed to answer this question for the client? Dowsing sessions are good door openers for other Spiritual work and to help move forward on your path.

Dowsing Tuition

I also give dowsing tuition. Beginner courses are available in which you will learn tips and techniques, discover the best tool for you and how to interpret responses.

Exchange for Dowsing Packages

Exchange for 30 minute Dowsing Session: SEK700

Exchange for 30 minute Dowsing Tuition Beginners: SEK700