June 2022 Solstice Light Transmission

21st June 2022. a full 24 hr Light connection

Join me for the Wunjo Light June Solstice Light Transmission from 00.01 to midnight on Tuesday 21st June. A full 24 hours of access to Wunjo Light.

This is a pay what you want to event. Minimum SEK100 .. normal exchange SEK600

There has never been a more important time to connect with Source Light. This June Solstice is a time to cut the ties to the Old World and begin to create the reality you want, outside of the shackles of the ever increasingly ‘Borg’ like, dystopian existence we are tip-toeing into at present.

In contrast to what the Matrix has planned for humanity, God is just a heart beat away. This Light Transmission is for those who have that Neo-like urge to see through the illusion of what is currently being presented as reality.

Move away from the negative emotions trap of fear, envy, guilt anger, jealousy.

Easy access. Just register for the Transmission and receive a full 24 hours of Light to be used as you choose.

Why not choose the path of Freedom