Having a love of nature and sacred sites led Ian away from careers in International banking and transport logistics to a whole different life view and mindset. The strong interest in alternative therapies in the 1990’s catapulted him onto a path of self discovery and healing. On this journey, Ian has met and collaborated with some amazing people, such as David Ashworth, Alan Cox, Jessica Arael Marrocco and Diana Jaritz.

Ian qualified as a Light Practitioner and Master Dowser, training under David Ashworth, Founder of the EH School of Enlightenment, where he was also Blog impresario and host for the EH podcasts.

It was during this period, he discovered the amazing properties and results of working with High Spiritual Light. This opened his eyes to new possibilities and he diligently worked on himself with Light transformations, opening his consciousness to a point that enabled life to expand in amazing ways, far beyond what he thought was possible.

Ian has also guested on other radio shows including the long running ‘Understanding Spirit’ on Paramania Radio, with Rev. Alan Cox and ‘The Andronicus Transmissions’ with Jessica Arael Marrocco.

Now Ian has teamed up with Diana Jaritz and The Five Elements Group. The group consists of five Light Practitioners, who bring their own unique Light to service. Each Practitioner represents a different element of Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Aether. The unique characteristics of each Practitioners allows them to work at a very high level of perception.

It was from this group that Ian was gifted access to what he calls ‘Wunjo Light’, a powerful, far reaching and transformative Evolutionary Light that he now works with to unlock the potential and freedom of his clients.

Ian lives in Northern Sweden with his partner and his daughter.

Folhammar Raukfält, Ljugarn, Gotland