June Solstice Light Transmission 2023 Free Event

Well now .. we’re all in the middle of a great commotion that has far reaching implications. One could say that the battle for the whole of Creation is underway and its very hard to see with our polarised microcosmic perspective, thanks to educational, cultural and media conditioning.

This is a most important time to remember who we are and the simplicity of how life should be, as opposed to the projected reality we receive day in day out, which is one of confusion, struggle, illness and fear. This is definitely not the frequency we should give our attention to, but life has a way of entangling us in this soup of misery.

Creativity, Joy and Love cannot be sidelined any longer, because with the positive emotions we turn this reality around. We are beginning to understand that the grey, dull existence was just a shell, an overlay placed in our vision to distort the truth that everything behind this veil, really is amazing and vibrant. This is the time of awakening and transforming this dark filter that was added to our reality a long time ago.

This filter has had a powerful distorting effect on human perception, creating a screen to conveniently block the true reality of God, Love and Truth. By doing this, over time, humanity lost hope, lives in fear, forgot they are one with the Creator and thus have become easily controlled.

Thankfully God wants us back now and the dark cycle is over, although you wouldn’t realise it looking out into the World right now.

This 24 hour Wunjo Light Solstice Transmission on the 21st June 2023 will help reaffirm our Truth and reawaken the frequency of harmonized collective humanity within us. We are never alone and the Creator insists that we should reopen the possibility of love, success, abundance, harmony, truth and benevolence into our souls path. This switch of frequency will assist us in rising above the hardships imposed by the dark ones.

To join this free event and to be able to use the Light over the 24hr period follow this link


Further information will be sent to you when you sign up for the event.

You can read more about Light Transmissions and how they can benefit you on this website HERE

Wishing you an amazing Solstice!

Ian at Wunjo Light

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