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3 Day Light Transmission – June Solstice 2021 – Free Introductory Offer

3 Day Solstice Light Transmission 19th to 21st June

The June Solstice is a very powerful time for transformation. In the Northern Hemisphere we are in Summer Solstice and southern hemisphere, Winter Solstice.

Being the longest time of daylight during the year, we get the maximum information available from the Sun. These solar downloads reinvigorates and optimally steers our DNA code, ensuring we have all the latest downloads required for life and for the unfolding Ascension .

To combine a Light Transmission during this powerful sacred time, is a great way to fast track your evolutionary process. Leaps and bounds can be made with simple ceremony over these days using a Light Transmission.

You can sign up for the transmission at anytime over the period, but it would be more beneficial to use the time well with a number of sessions over the 3 days.

Introductory Offer:

As I have just newly published the Wunjo Light site, I would like to offer this Solstice Light Transmission free from exchange. Just register here and enjoy your time in the Light.

When signing up for the Light Transmission, you will automatically be subscribed to the Wunjo Light Newsletter. See below for consent info.