The Light of the ‘Great Light of Divine Power’

Wunjo Light is the most amazing Spiritual Light. It is guided at the Highest level to harmonize and heal that which is out of balance. It is ready to support those on their journey of Light.

Most of us have forgotten the feelings of connection to the Divine, kinship with fellow humans and being at peace with the Earth. Wunjo Light re-inforces these natural feelings and endears a sense of coming home. 

This is done by peeling away old energetic layers that have built over many lifetimes, which we have hidden behind to protect us from the traumas of life.

As we transition through the Great Awakening, it is vital that we heal and let go of these past wounds.

Wunjo Light works to heal these ancient scars and reset the Divine template within us, bringing each person back to a state of Joy and Harmony with themselves and their environment. 

Wunjo, is the letter V/W in the ancient Runic alphabets*. It has the interpretted quality of JOY, combined with Hope, Harmony, Fellowship, Perfection, Friendship, Kindred

Wunjo is the inner urge for realization of your soul’s true will to achieve perfection of consciousness and the drive to this realization in this life-time. It wards off woe and sorrow so that the abundant gifts of the multiverse have no trouble bestowing themselves upon you.

Wunjo Light can help you with:

Consultations: Start the Wunjo Light journey

Light Transmissions: Connect to High Spiritual Light to dissolve blocks, align with the Divine.

Intuitive Dowsing: Advice sessions where Ian tunes in and answers your questions.

Deep Fear Transformations: Spiritual Evolution. Transforming hidden buried Issues. Whats holding you back on your path?

Wunjo Light Essences: High Vibrational Essences often called Liquid Light. Supporting your Evolutionary journey. Powerful tools for transformation.

I have to say I could feel the light working with me from the moment I signed up a few days before it began on the 19th of June. It was very powerful, and I felt like I was walking in a perfect universe, my steps were light, the sun was shining and there was a soft gentle breeze. It was almost dreamlike for a few days. “

Áine – Ireland

Ian Mills is a skilled evolutionary light worker. His Light has a searching Quality about it which gets to the heart of the issue quickly. Ian has an intuitive and sensitive manner and is accepting of whatever issue is brought to him. His open minded approach allows you to be able to find great solutions to your healing needs which think outside the box.
A consummate dowser & forward thinker, Ian incisively finds resolution to complex situations. I have used his services & highly recommend him. 

Lucy – England